linda maria girón (they/them, elle) is a queer Guatemalan-american playwright, actor, musician & visual artist based in Bay Area / Ohlone Land.


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Linda returns for Season 2 of City Folx as a series co-writer!

Missed Season 1? Watch it here!


Created by Rae Dawn, City Folx is SF's first non-binary led, Drag King comedy web-series about two best friends who fight to hold onto their housing in San Francisco. 

Linda stars as Vera in the upcoming web series Amor En Cuarentena!

Set in the Central Coast, the Spanglish series follows Emi, a funny, dedicated and complicated Mexican-American teacher and hopeless romantic, as she looks for love with the help of friends and family during a global pandemic.

Coming soon!

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Linda stars as Portia in NovaCat Films' indie short Golden, a BFF love story about two life-long friends' journey towards self-love, heart-healing and the illustrious Golden Gate Bridge.

Coming soon to Amazon Video this fall!