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white iris

Iris is proud to be Latinx. She also dates a lot of white guys. What's the big deal, right?  But with a mom who's "Down With La Raza" and an Abuelita who dreams of blue-eyed babies. . . Iris' love life quickly turns into a political battleground. With help from her poetry and a bag of shrooms, Iris learns to better understand herself, the family roots & love.

development & awards

Reading (Zoom) - Playwrights Center of SF, 2022

Production - University of Nebraska, Omaha 2022

Reading - Dragon Theater, 2018

Production - PianoFight, 2017

Production - "Crossing the Street: A Festival of Many Voices" University of Nebraska, Omaha, 2022


top to bottom: Jey Nelson (Chris/the Mask), Giovanni Rivera (Carmen), Darlyn Gonzalez Muñoz (Iris)

Production - PianoFight "ShortLived Festival VI", 2017

!DSC_0775 2.jpg

left to right: Regina Morones (Iris), Baela Tinsley (Chris)

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