Memoria del sIlencio en el país de la eterna primavera

Set in the land of eternal spring, in a town where the  ghosts sing with the living,  roses grow larger than cattle and nearby villages have gone missing;  young Mari's quest to find her father's ghost becomes a desperate fight to restore her aunt's fading memory. Together, la familia Noguera face the boundaries of love when tested by the realities of life— aging, war and illness.

full-length, 1h 50m.

cast: 12-20 - 9w, 7m, 

6 gender-neutral, latinx.


[Commissioned in part by the Crowded Fire Theater 2020-2021 Resilience and Development Lab]


Untimely. Uncertain. Unrequited. Unemployed. When newly discarded graduate Karina Inés makes an inconvenient pilgrimage back home, Kari is surprised to find Abuela Eulalia exactly as she was six years prior. Trapped between lost languages, time and house keys, Kari and Eulalia are confronted with a choice; reckon with ghost of a secret unrequited or lose each other in the haze of an uncertain future. 

one act, 90.

cast: 2-3w, latinx.

white iris

Iris is proud to be Latinx.

She also dates a lot of white guys. What's the big deal, right?  But with a mom who's down with La Raza and a grandma who dreams of blue eyed babies, Iris' love life becomes a political battleground. With help from her poetry and a bag of shrooms, Iris learns to better understand herself, her heritage, and love.

one act, 15 mins.

cast: 3w, latinx. 1 m, white.