/memory of silence in the land of eternal spring


Memoria del sIlencio en el país de la eterna primavera

Set in the land of eternal spring, in a town where the  ghosts sing with the living,  roses grow larger than cattle and nearby villages have gone missing;  young Mari's quest to find her father's ghost becomes a desperate fight to restore her aunt's fading memory. Together, la familia Noguera face the boundaries of love when tested by the realities of life— aging, war and illness.

full-length, 1h 50m.

cast: 12-20 - 9w, 7m, 

6 gender-neutral, latinx.

white iris


Iris is proud to be Latinx.

She also dates a lot of white guys. What's the big deal, right?  But with a mom who's down with La Raza and a grandma who dreams of blue eyed babies, Iris' love life becomes a political battleground. With help from her poetry and a bag of shrooms, Iris learns to better understand herself, her heritage, and love.

one act, 15 mins.

cast: 3w, latinx. 1 m, white.